Haier has always been synonymous with quality, and its washing machines come at prices that are affordable for everyone. Haier washer machine price in Pakistan is a reliable purchase investment for your household appliance needs.

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Haier Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Haier is a well-known washing machine brand in Pakistan. It's been the choice of many Pakistani households for years. Haier has always been synonymous with quality, and its washing machines come at prices that are affordable for everyone. Haier washer machine price in Pakistan is a reliable purchase investment for your household appliance needs.

Advantages of Haier Washing Machine

There are many advantages of the Haier washing machines that you should know before making a purchase. First and foremost, Haier washing machines are very affordable as compared to other brands in the market. Secondly, these washing machines come with a one-year warranty which is definitely an added advantage. Lastly, Haier washing machines use less water and electricity as compared to other brands, thus saving you money in the long run.

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to buy them. They are built to last and will not break down easily. Even if you have never used a washing machine before, you will be able to use a Haier washing machine with ease. This means that they will not increase your electricity bill too much.

Features of Haier Washing Machine

When it comes to Haier washing machines, there are plenty of features to take advantage of. Some of these include the following:

Multiple wash programs: Whether you're looking to wash delicate items or heavy-duty fabrics, the Haier washing machine has a program for you.

Adjustable water temperature: This feature allows you to customize the water temperature to your specific needs.

Delay start function: With this function, you can delay the start of your cycle by up to 24 hours. This is perfect for when you need to wash clothes around your busy schedule.

Child lock function: This function ensures that little ones can't change the settings on your machine.

The Haier Washing Machine is a high-quality, affordable washing machine that is perfect for any home. It features a large capacity tub that can accommodate up to 8kg of laundry, making it perfect for large families. The machine also has a built-in lint filter that helps to keep your clothes clean and free of lint. Additionally, the Haier Washing Machine comes with a one-year warranty, making it a great investment for your home.

A wide range of wash programs to choose from, so you can customize the cycle to suit your specific laundry needs. An LED display that makes it easy to keep track of the washing cycle.

A built-in heater that helps to remove tough stains. A delay starts feature that allows you to set the cycle to start at a later time, so you can run the cycle when it is most convenient for you.

Maintenance of Haier Washing Machine

If you have a Haier washing machine, then you know that it is a great investment. However, like any other appliance, it needs to be properly maintained in order to keep it running optimally.

Clean the filter regularly. The filter is located at the bottom of the washing machine and should be cleaned every few weeks. To clean it, simply remove it and rinse it with water.

Don't overload the washing machine. This can put a strain on the motor and cause premature wear and tear. Use the correct amount of detergent. Overusing detergent can lead to residue build-up on clothing and in the washing machine itself. This is especially important if you notice any changes in performance, such as longer wash times or excessive noise. A qualified technician can diagnose and fix any issues that may be causing problems.

Haier Washing Machine Affordable Price

Looking for a top-quality washing machine that doesn't break the bank? Haier has you covered! Their washing machines are known for being both durable and affordable, making them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers. And with a Haier washing machine, you'll get all the features you need to keep your clothes looking their best, including multiple wash cycles, a delay start function, and more.

So, if you're looking for a new washing machine and want to save money, then consider buying a Haier. There are different prices for some popular Haier washing machines in Pakistan. As you can know, the prices are quite reasonable and within the budget of most people.

Haier Washing Machine Price In Pakistan Updated May 2024

Latest Models Of Haier Washing Machine Models Price
Haier Washing Machine HWM80-50 HWM80-50 ₨24,500.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-AS HWM-100-AS ₨38,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-B14876 HWM-100-B14876 ₨108,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-BP14826 HWM-100-BP14826 ₨91,500.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-100-BS HWM-100-BS ₨39,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-1678 (TOP LOAD) HWM-120-1678 ₨115,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-1789 (TOP LOAD) HWM-120-1789 ₨101,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-120-1978 DD HWM-120-1978 DD ₨155,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-95-1678 (TOP LOAD) HWM-95-1678 ₨91,000.00
Haier Washing Machines HWM-90-1789 (TOP LOAD) HWM-90-1789 ₨78,500.00